Metaverse Pay Coin is a simulation game based on mobile farming
Play games with tokenized assets
and monetize them.
Play2Earn !


The game is not difficult. Unfamiliar with crypto assets
So that users can easily understand and adapt to DeFi
Easy to prepare. Even if you do not know the blockchain in depth
It is important to design a model that can be easily understood.


Various modes.

From beginner mode to normal mode that succeeded
in escaping the beginner mode, and simply You can enjoy mini-games on one platform.

Beginner mode

  • Defy understanding
  • understanding of the game
  • all content to participate.
  • customers will get a complete, nft

Normal mode

  • Agricultural farming
  • NFT staking
  • Token Swap
  • Use the market
  • Generating revenue in various ways.

Mini game

  • Free play
  • XP obtained
  • Simple games such as fishing and shooting.

NFT Marketplace.

The various NFTs used in games... You can trade through the marketplace
The price is determined by the community, and fees are accumulated for
transactions The accumulated fees will flow back for the ecosystem

Offline payment service

The MPC Pay app has its own wallet. All services
can be accessed through its own wallet,
and we are pushing for shopping malls and
accommodation services that are actually linked to the game.
MPC Pay can be used anywhere through MPC Wallet.

MPC Wallet

It can be used at hotels, resorts, clothing, food
And beverage convenience stores, etc. with 2,000 Thai franchises.


MPC is a governance token that encompasses
the game as a whole and various services.

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You’ll find us at all hours on Discord.
You can also reach us through the usual channels.

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You’ll find us at all hours on Discord.
You can also reach us through the usual channels.